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The cost of solar panels have truncated in recent times. The price of the solar panels fluctuate from a hundred dollar to five hundred dollar each hinging on a variety of factors, like physical size, its brand, its durability, and the type of material used in its production.


Pike’s research table:

While investing on a solar panel the quality of the constituents used is customarily a salient deliberation. Differentiating it by just by or cost does make the job uncomplicated.

Solar industry for quite some time now, has been using ‘TIER RANKING’ (TIER 1, TIER 2 and TIER 3), basing on Pike’s research, where TIER 1 is the finest kind of solar panel and TIER 3 the worst kind. Below are the derivations of the three kinds of solar panels available in the market.

Tier one solar panel:

Tier one solar panel manufacturer comprise a small scale of the total number of manufacturer, which is around 2%, as stated by Pike.

The tier one solar panel are vertically integrated. The manufacturers assemble their panels from square one. This enables them with the power to regulate the whole of the manufacturing process, be it silicon cells or module frames or panel assembly.

They perennially invest in the R&D (Research and Development). This fortify that they stay on top by repeatedly bring about an innovation in their production and production processes.

We currently sell a Jinko Solar panel as our Tier 1 Solar panel.

They use supreme quality of mechanization that are propitious to standard level of production quality and helps in curtailing the manufacturing costs.

The manufacturers of solar panels TIER 1 are manufacturing for a prolonged period of over five years. Bring in the industry for this long is a testimony of the company’s lastingness as well as its commitment to the customers. It means that the company will stick around to provide service for the warranties provided by them.

Tier two solar panel:

The TIER TWO solar panel manufacturers are medium scale manufacturers, comprising 8% of the total solar panel manufacturer, according to the research of PIKE.

They have bare minimum or almost no investment in the R&D. They use partly mechanized method of manufacture and count mostly on manual procedures. They are in this line of production for relative 2-5 years.

They manufacturer are somehow aspiring to be TIER 1 but are falling short of some attributes to accomplish it.

Tier three solar panel:

These type of manufacturer incorporate the majority of the market, as Pike affirms.

They do not have their own operation and depend on other companies for their production quality. They only nurture manual line of production and are in the industry for less than two years. These companies might not be around in years to come, as the industry stabilizes.

Points to remember:

But anyone can claim that is it a TIER 1 solar panel. The following are some factors to judge this:

  • The manufacturer has a local office or not.
  • They have verification to validate their claim or not.
  • Whether Pike’s research is the foundation of heir assertion.
  • Which companies form a part of the manufacturers?
  • Whether they contribute in the development of the industry.

The customer has to go through a sturdy and taxing quest to determine the accurate solar panel to be installed.




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