How much power does a 6kw solar system make?

How many kw hours are you expecting to  make in purchasing a 6kw solar system running through a 5kw inverter you ask?

We recently installed 2 jobs out the back of Ipswich and these guys bought together as neighbours, the exact same system (240w Perlight USA Pollycrystalline Panels) with the Quality JFY SUNTWINS 5000 inverter. We decided to throw in a wireless JFY SOLAR DOG so they can remotely check their system from the comfort of inside their house.


One guy has North plus another string of North East, the other has a North with Dead WEST panels. The second guy has been achieving around a 1kw per day loss on his system for total yield, but he would have a MUCH BETTER SPREAD ON POWER! And this is what you are after, now without a Feed in Tariff. September 11 seen both systems crank out 33kw!!!! WOW


Please call us to discuss your desired system for NO BULLSHIT TALK. and a CHEAP 6kw system installed professionally, safely, timely and with quality components.





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