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How to get free lamp replacements for your business!

If you are a business, and receive electricity bills you are likely to be eligible to receive free lamp replacement under the NSW Energy Saving Scheme.

In order to use this limited time offer you must register your business with us and you will get access to qualified and experienced assessors and installers who are able to identify energy saving options and provide guaranteed quality installations.

This is a completely free service including light bulbs and installation backed up by the NSW Energy Saving Scheme.


Free Lamp Replacement Quote for Your house

Did you know that by switching from your current globes and Free led downlights in your home, to newer and more efficient LED lighting you can strip your electricity bill by more than half!

Most still don’t know that Replacing current lighting with LED lights, is far cheaper than putting in a solar system, and the Return on Investment can be so much quicker!

Many Australians are already doing this, in their home and businesses as the energy and $ savings are enormous!

 Free LED Downloads


Join the crowd and get your free LED light quote today!

email sales@queenslandsolarandlighting.com and tell us where you are and what you need.

We will get back to you ASAP


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