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The popular “Frack Off” campaign has been a debate ever since it gained momentum globally. This campaign is basically an initiative aimed at stopping the extraction of fossil fuels by unconventional methods. These techniques include primarily hydraulic ‘fracturing’ of rocks to extract mainly gas and petroleum.


While comparatively new (a few decades old), these techniques are much more harmful to the environment than the conventional methods (like oil wells). While shrewd corporates refuse to believe that this method is damaging, the campaign against this practice has spread far and wide; at least among pro-renewable energy activists and environment conservationists. Also, there are many common folk from a lot of countries who’re seen protesting against this form of abuse against nature.


The reason for these vigorous protests is the fact that fracturing has led to polluting air and water of many regions in the UK as well as in the southern hemisphere countries like Australia. The people living around these areas are forced to inhale toxic air and drink impure water. The process involves fracturing deeply buried rocks with a sort of pressurized fluid.

In the Aussie land, top government personalities like the Premier of New South Wales, Mr Barry O’Farrell have raised their voices in concern. The infamous AGL energy industry has been the cause of the wrath of numerous campaigners. This company has decided to turn a blind eye to all the environmental degradation that it is creating and has chosen to claim its activities as innocent and harmless.

Campaigners have taken a lot of efforts to quash the gas industry’s claims that ‘fracking’ is not injurious to nature; hence the ‘frack off’ chant. However, the gas industry in an attempt to shift the blame has pointed its finger towards its distant cousin, coal. And while it is true that coal is affecting Mother Nature far adversely than gas, this shouldn’t be the real topic of discussion in any case.


The real point of talks according to solar power activists should be adopting renewable energy with open arms. The list of the nasty effects of fossil fuel extractions is never-ending. The true challenge is making the switch from polluting energy to clean eco-friendly sources of energy. With all the new technology and wide-spread awareness about use of renewable sources of power such as solar energy, it is high time we took the big leap.

The only issue is the price difference between these two sources of energy. While novel cost-effective technology like solar panels is becoming popular, methods such as fracking will only cut down the prices for fossil-fuel energy. This method in spite of its list of disadvantages like global warming, health deterioration, environment degradation etc. will be able to provide people a pocket-friendly source of energy.

Considering the rate at which subsidies on renewable energy are being cut back and projects focusing on inexhaustible energy are being side lined even by the major countries of the world, renewable energy will not be able to compete with the low prices of fracked gas. In order to avoid this disastrous method to continue, we must all start protesting against this method and embrace renewable energy like solar power.

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