Factors that determine solar system installation cost

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Factors that determine solar system installation cost

The rationale for a solar installation proceeds from economic and ecological considerations; including solar system installation cost. It lowers environmental pollution and saves energy. Energy obtained from solar presents benefits for everyone, depending on each person’s need.  As far as the economic convenience is concerned, it is necessary to note that the performance of a solar thermal system depends on several factors: local climatic conditions, geographic area, type of solar collector, etc.
The solar system installation cost depends on many factors.  Most of the factors are structural and the rest are physical. Below are some of the factors:


  1. Buildings that are not compatible: Many homes are designed without putting into consideration the prospects of a future solar installation. If the roof, for instance, is not structured perfectly, the installation costs will be high.  All buildings must be constructed with this in mind such that the solar system installation cost is minimized.


  1. The roof type: Tiled roofs always present challenges in terms of orientation. In addition, clay tiles need sophistry in the drilling works. If the roof’s slope is not at least 35 ° to the horizontal plane, installers will always charge you highly.  So if your house is tiled, it is likely that the solar system installation cost will be high.  On the other hand, the solar system installation cost can be minimal on a terrace roof.


  1. Location for the installation: Most systems installed on open grounds minimize the solar system installation cost. If your compound has a green area uncovered by shadows through different months; the installation becomes easier to perform and less costly. Systems installed on the roof comparatively attract hefty installation costs than those installed on the ground.


  1. Where systems are integrated: If the house is already having an instant gas boiler with electronic control for the production of hot water, it is possible to connect the solar system to the existing heating system. This cuts the solar system installation cost The water heated in the panel passes through a solenoid that, based on its temperature, directly sends it to the home user. If this temperature is below 40-50 ° C, the preheated water is sent to the boiler, so that its warming is facilitated. This solution saves on receipt of gas, extending the life of the boiler and availability of hot water using the full potential of the solar panel.


  1. The installation technician: The installation costs of various solar systems vary from technician to technician.  There are no standard charges. This is because the more experienced a technician is, the more popularity he gains. His popularity implies he is needed anywhere any time. This implies that he can set any price, so long as his skill is required in the service.


The solar system installation cost greatly depends on that.  Amateur installers will charge less for the same work that could have been done by an adroit technician. So if you want a better bargain in your solar system installation cost, consider the above.


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