Eight things while fixing a deal with your solar panels supplier

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Eight things you must consider while fixing a deal with your solar panels supplier

There are two things that I cannot deny. One, that solar power has become a popular source of sustainable energy and two, that you, as customers and citizens, have become more conscious. And a combination of these two factors has worked well for solar power companies too boost their production processes as can be evidenced by the surge in their numbers.

Dealing with solar panels:

So today, when you type “Best deals for solar panels” in the Google search bar, a long list with names of different companies will appear who (all) claim to provide the ‘best product at the cheapest price’. Or you are sure to come across advertisements and hoardings stating that a 1.5KW system, which includes six solar panels and one inverter, is the best possible offer anyone can ever provide. And this is sure to drive your heads crazy, for you really don’t know which company to rely on/choose.

Therefore, I choose to analyze what you should be looking out for, so you smoothly sail through the process of buying the deal which is most economical and viable.

Solar panel diagram

The 8 points are:

  1. Establish a ‘connection’: Now most companies will promise you a “Fully installed” system which you might mistake for its literal meaning. In reality (and also to your misfortune), you will actually have to engage with a local electricity distributor to buy an import-export meter that can connect the system to your grid. A few nice men will, however, clarify such integrities like the overhead cost of setting up the system or may also arrange the grid-connection for you. Which means, watch out for those companies which don’t mention about the grid-connection!
  2. Absent brand-ing: You will also find a few firms that don’t disclose the brand of the solar panels you are buying. Judge for yourself, can such a company be genuine? To be on the safer side always find out all information available about the product (now, at the click of a mouse button) and read customer reviews of the product. Better still, you may rely on the cheaper deals of Chinese products, which are soon to rule the market.
  3. Caution, again: The above point follows for inverters as well. Don’t buy if adequate information is not available.
  4. Unnecessary overhead costs: Many companies offer a pre-install inspection which you may blissfully invite before knowing of the additional charges associated with them. Make sure to find out.
  5. The ECP formula: Like any other business, companies will find ways of making money through their extra-charges policy, what I call ECP. Absence of the correct roof slope, more distance of your home from their head-office than what they usually cover, obsolescence of your fusebox, or additional wiring that you may require will all incur “extra-charges”. Hence, specify such details to the company beforehand for transparent costing in the end.
  6. Poor base: Many will promise warranty only if you get regular servicing done (unless specified). Such poor policy speaks volume about how unimportant customer satisfaction is to the company. Therefore, skip this, choose the next.
  7. Low price, low quality: Also avoid companies that use cheaper components which contribute a great deal to the longevity of the system. This is the risk that comes alongside extremely cheap deals.
  8. Price paid=Quality service received: Last, make sure that the money that leaves your pocket reaches the correct hand, that you get the best deal for the price (and that the time spent on your research about the product is worth it!)

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