Commercial Solar Lighting Brisbane

Commercial Solar Lighting Brisbane – the Benefits!

Welcome to the review outlining the benefits of commercial solar lighting Brisbane. Here, we list some of the key advantages of moving your entire lighting system to solar, and how this scores over conventional lighting systems.

One BIG reason to move to commercial solar lighting Brisbane is the huge cost savings.

Commercial Solar Lighting Brisbane

Before we delve deeper into this, let us get under the hood and understand how solar lighting works.

Solar lighting – the basics:

Conventional lights are powered through electrical current, which they draw from external power sockets. Unlike these traditional lights, solar lights are

a)      Wireless – no external power socket required.

b)      Contain a rechargeable battery source that stores electrical energy, which powers the light when there is absence of sunlight.

c)       A solar panel (also known as photovoltaic cell), capable of converting solar energy from direct sunlight to electrical energy. This is used to power the light when sunlight is available.

There is another reason choosing commercial solar lighting Brisbane is a winner – the all around sunny weather, providing plenty of direct sunlight to keep the solar energy available. Hurray!

Advantages of switching to commercial solar lighting Brisbane:

We already covered the top two.

  1. Availability of sunlight throughout the year, making solar lights a viable option all year around.
  2. A huge savings in energy bill. After all, sunlight – the main source of power for your light, is FREE. Other than the money you spend on the initial setup of the light lamp, there is very little additional cost involved.

Commercial Solar Lighting Brisbane

A few more are include below:

  1. Solar lights are not only inexpensive; they are also extremely environment friendly. You do not have to feel guilty about keeping the lights on and wasting electrical power!
  2. Extensive support and encouragement from the Australian government, who are keen to explore alternative forms of environment-friendly and less expensive sources of energy. Establishments using solar powered systems are often offered rebates and subsidies, for doing their bit in protecting the environment. In addition, some local governments have even offered a free lamp replacement service for solar lights. All the more reason to buy into commercial solar lighting Brisbane!
  3. No dependency on external power sources. No messy wires. No panic during blackouts J

QLD solar and lighting – a pioneer in solar power and commercial solar lighting Brisbane dealers:

Don’t be surprised if the name ‘QLD solar and lighting’ is familiar. This company has been a warhorse in all things solar, and have been in the business long enough to make it to among the most passionate and reputable companies dealing with solar energy.

The advantages of using QLD solar and lighting as your dealer include:

  1. Easy access to their crew. QLD solar and lighting is widely available across Australia, with their headquarters in Brisbane-Gold coast area.
  2. Friendly, efficient and knowledgeable staff – They are available to help YOU – right from understanding your commercial setup and recommending the best lights to put in place, to providing a thorough cost to benefit analysis that will help make your decision to switch to solar lighting easier.
  3. You can even use their webpage to send a chat request, and they respond back within twenty four hours.
  4. They use top of line solar panels which ensure your solar lights run bright and for long years.

Feel free to give them a call at 0411 348 400. Once you chose to go with them, you can breathe easy that you have chosen one of the best commercial solar lighting Brisbane dealers!

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