Chinese solar Panels- Quality or Cost

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Good quality versus cost

If your Chinese panel is not mentioned in the list below, be careful!

People have their doubts when purchasing Chinese solar panels. Yes of course there’s a reason to be cautious. After all china is famous for some of the low quality product it manufactures. But that’s not the whole story. China does produce some good and fantastic quality products too. If you are still dubious then a good example for you might be Macbook pro. Yes! It’s made in china and it’s of superior quality.

Same goes with the solar panels. There are some quality products that are manufactured in China together with some absolute junk quality products.  I myself have heard some stories about people visiting their suppliers who have converted their clothes factory to solar panel factory. Some B or C grade solar cells are used here which have obviously been rejected by other factories. No need to comment about the environmental standards in these factories. As you’ve already guessed, it’s dreadful.


Cheaper Chinese products:

On the other hand, there are some class A solar panels that are flourishing in the market coming freshly out of china. They are of the finest quality when it comes to operation and environmental standards and as good when compared to any European plant. As far as I know, Yingli and Renesola have pretty amazing Chinese factories. The panels they produce are of the best quality.

These days a lot of “cautious” customers are making it a point that they get a quality product by merely exacting that their panels are made in Germany, Malaysia or Australia. But this plan of theirs has a downside. You will have to shell out extra dollars which you could have been saved by going for a Chinese panel.

How to know if a Chinese panel is good?

So if you don’t feel like shelling extra bucks, you should be cautious about the product you are purchasing from the Chinese market. Just to make sure you don’t end up with a piece of junk that was manufactured in an ex-clothing factory with hazardous waste water pouring straight into the nearest waterway. What you want is a top quality panel with first class engineering and quality assurance behind them.


The easiest and safest route is that you go for a ‘Tier 1’panel. But there exists a small hindrance to it. As some sales people can fool you into making you believe that the ‘Tier 3’ piece of junk they are selling is really a tier 1 product. These products may have a German sounding name. Something similar to “Mettwurst Solar”. So how to know the truth? The first thing to comprehend is that there does not exist an explicit list of ‘Tier 1’ solar panels.

You’ll be super safe if you choose a manufacturer from the above list.  Though there are still some Class A panels that have not been mentioned in the list. Plus they may be cheaper so you save quite a few thousand dollars on you solar system.

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