Canberra Solar Power

Canberra Solar Power


Given Australia’s sunny and pleasant weather conditions, the shift to Solar power as a growing source of energy has accelerated over the last few years. Government is also offering many incentives for making people adopt Solar power as a source to power their homes.

While many other renewable sources of energy like Wind energy , Bio Gas, Bio Mass, Hydro are also picking up momentum but Solar energy is leading in the renewable energy sector.

Canberra Solar Power

In Canberra Solar Power is becoming a natural choice for people to power their homes. By installing Solar panels in residential and commercial buildings, the energy which comes from the sun is converted into electricity which is then fed into the grid to power the appliances. There are many benefits of going solar , which are listed in the following section.

The city of Canberra has gone Solar in a big way by building one of the largest solar plant in Australia with a capacity of Twenty Mega watt. Through this their contribution towards the environment is also immense as it reduces the carbon emissions and reduces the burden on fossil energy.

Advantages of going Solar

The Australian government offers many schemes and subsidy’s for those customers who opt for Solar energy. Some of the advantages of making the shift towards Solar are –

  1. Financial gains by getting subsidies for installing a solar system
  2. Falling in line and helps complying to the Mandatory Energy program
  3. Generate money by feeding back excess solar energy generated into the grid and thus getting credit points for it
  4. Using Solar water heaters which use less energy for heating water
  5. Reducing the carbon emissions by using solar energy
  6. Getting an excellent return on investment – the cost of installing a Solar system will be offset through the reduction in electricity bill in a very short time.

QLD Solar and Lighting – Canberra Services

The QLD Solar and Lighting company was set up to service Queensland and has successfully helped many customers from all around Australia.

The director knows all about the ACTpla solar applications and what is needed for Canberra solar power.

We have been involved with many solar power installs in ACT, YASS and the Queenbeyan regions.

We were very involved back in the early 2011 era, supplying many with the 44.7c Feed in Tarrif.

In Canberra we have a strong presence and have successfully done many Solar installations in both residential as well as commercial buildings. More than a million houses across Australia have solar panels installed and many of them are happy customers of QLD Solar and Lighting.

Benefits of going with QLD Solar and Lighting

QLD is an established player in the field of Solar energy. They offer customized solutions for solar system installations across residential and commercial buildings. Some advantages of going with them in Canberra are as follows :

  1. Offer the most efficient energy solutions for Solar system installation
  2. Offer a good comparison of multiple leading brands in Panels and Inverters and then suggest the best solution.
  3. Have experienced staff which is skilled in Solar panel installations.
  4. Offer excellent customer service right from when you request for a Quote to the installation and warranty.
  5. Have a streamlined process in place and the installation process does not take more than 2 weeks.

So if you are looking for solar power in Canberra, please email or call us to get a Quote.

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