Can Australia Dream to be the Next Energy Super Power?

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 In the recent times, Australia has been hailed as the next super power in renewable energy sector. As the country is blessed with vast landscapes and open coats, the hearsay could be more than true. This is not just in the case of solar energy, but also in case of capturing wind energy.

As per Jeremy Rifkin, who authored Third Industrial Revolution, Australia could be the next Saudi Arabia in terms of renewable energy. With the support of ample sunlight and coastal wind, the country could tap and make use of these resources. He says it doesn’t make sense to use the depleting fossil fuels and its better to switch to alternative energy sooner.

Alternative energy

Shifting to alternative energy would mean a cleaner planet, ample of job opportunities in the energy field and a better future. But when one analyzes where does Australia stand in terms of investing and promoting renewables, the interest doesn’t seem to be so great.

Other Countries

Most of the countries have gone a long way ahead in promoting, trapping and using alternative energy resources like sun and the wind. UK has transformed the power stations (coal-fired) into solar energy farms that help them harness the energy. The US is slowly embracing the change and new policies seem to be taking shape under the Government. New developments in solar policies are underway in Germany.

Not just the developed countries, but the developing nations are also promoting usage of renewable energy sources like never before. India, for example, because of the newly elected Government, has started focusing on moving away from depleting fossil fuels and tapping renewable energy sources.

Lagging Behind

Though Australia is taking steps to harness renewable energy resources, it is not enough as other industrialised nations are much ahead in the race. Australia seems to still be supported by fossil fuels in many ways.

The recent news articles very well highlight the stance taken by Australian Government in not supporting the use of renewables. The Government has recently announced approval for Carmichael Coal and Rail Project. Also, the foreign investors are likely to withdraw their support due to the uncertainty of the RET.

Australia has to cover up a lot in order to catch up with other countries. The fact is that Australian people like using renewable energy as it is cheaper and will help them cut the electricity bills. One could see that most of the Australian houses have installed rooftop solar panels and solar hot water system. These could help them utilize solar energy for their household energy requirement.

Apart from facing the energy crisis that may affect in future, switching to alternative energy sources would be a support in the future. Better environment, thousands of job opportunities and reduction of fossil fuel usage will definitely benefit the world at large. Once the Government starts supporting the new idea, investment firms will be certain to invest more. Australia should be ready to mould the energy policies in order to promote the alternative energy usage in the country.

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