Can a ‘simply-structured’ Mandarin 2 light up your lives?

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Can a ‘simply-structured’ Mandarin 2 light up your lives?

When your correspondent speaks of Mandarin what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Chances are that it is the Imperial Chinese bureaucrat or the language which is a branch of Chinese. For a handful of you Mandarin may correspond to the superhuman martial artist from the Marvel Comics comic series. This week the word acquired a meaning of greater importance to young minds here at SQHQ. With the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards being judged in full swing, one design called Mandarin 2 solar light under the “product design” category has intrigued your correspondent and his fellows. And why not? It is the sole representative of the solar industry in a contest as big as that of Victorian Premier.

And what is this Mandarin 2?

Mandarin 2

Pocket sized and efficient, with the promise of high performance, Mandarin 2 is a multi-functional light solving a series of purposes, designed for Illumination Australia by Toolbox. So you may use it as a lantern, a lamp or an ambient light. And the three intensity levels allow it to be used for basic lighting purposes to performing intricate tasks. It usually has a high class inbuilt solar panel and can be used almost anywhere in the world. So for all those of our friends living in remote parts of the country, Mandarin 2 comes across as a sigh of relief!

So why use the traditional (and old-fashioned) battery torch anymore? While solving this purpose, Mandarin can be hung as a room light, can serve the purpose of a lamp as well. And the best thing? It will not run out of batteries during times of crisis. And the three different intensities of lighting allow you to work and use it as per your requirements!

A viable alternative?

The Victorian Premier website describes the design as “simple” but that which works effectively under tough conditions, making it sound like a cleaner alternative to your polluting resources such as kerosene. If you were to ignore our special fancy for its simple yet unique structure, there is something more to Mandarin that appealed to us. The outreach of the design is large. It cannot only be used in different places across Australia but also in remote regions across the globe. As highlighted in one of our previous articles, solar lighting is a major alternative in places where other sources of energy are inaccessible or unreliable.

Many rural and underdeveloped regions of the world use kerosene instead. Therefore, we need alternatives like Mandarin to offer something cheaper and greener to the rural people. Across countries in Africa and Asia, something like Mandarin can do wonders in ensuring longer hours of study for children, reducing the possibility of health problems emanating from inhaling kerosene fumes. Hence, you may also see it (as we do) as a modest entrant into the market of not only the advanced and developed but developing economies as well. It is tough and resistant to all wear and tear and its price makes it relive the hopes of many friends living in remote areas of the world to illuminate their homes again! Do you think Mandarin will make revolution? Comment here or write at our Facebook page.

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