Commercial Solar Power Systems

Commercial Solar Power Systems and LED LIGHTING

Are you looking at getting Commercial Solar Power Systems for your business?

Good news. We will definitely be able to help you.

commercial solar power systems
One of the many Commercial Solar Power systems we have installed in the Brisbane and Gold Coast region.

Queensland Solar and Lighting will have a solar consultant visit your site, study and heavily research your business’s power consumption, explain your peak-demand charge. Also make check’s with Energex or Ergon to properly measure your site’s power usage. This is all done in a timely and professional manner to ensure we have your business saving as much as possible. Our Solar consultants will ensure you will have the pick of the commercial solar power systems on offer. We will tailor-make to suit your exact needs.

There are also many other benefits of commercial solar power systems being purchased by small businesses, large businesses, or wacking a job up on your local Bunnings Warehouse.

There are many advantages to the purchase of a solar system when it comes to Tax-time. We recommend you have a chat to your accountant in regards to this or click here. There is depreciation to be claimed on the panels and inverters.


Commercial Solar Power Systems paired with correct install of LED replacement lighting for your business is really the solution you are looking for. We can get the return of investment down to below 2 years for some businesses.  For most, under 3 years! Couple this together with our financial commercial leasing program with our in-house finance, and we will see interest rates well under 7% per annum. A highly profitable positively geared endeavour.

We offer Commercial Solar Power Systems in ALL SIZES, from 6kw for your home-business, 10kw, 20kw, 40kw. Anything. We have installed many solar system sizes up to 50kw. We currently have a commercial solar system designs pending with Ergon and Energex for jobs over 100kw. Wow!

We are happy to design a good quality budget system for you, or an all-out complete German Solar System complete with Bluetooth Wireless monitoring. Sunnyboy Tripower. Whatever is needed, we have it all for you.

Commercial solar power systems gold coast
The JFY 3 phase inverter, Suntree series is well and truly adequate for a 20kw Solar install

Call us ff you are looking to bring your business’s utility bills in-line with your competitiors in the year 2014. We are happy to give a free quote and showcase our commercial solar power systems we can offer you.

Here is a Commercial Solar Power Systems being installed in Perth by a local solar company. They look to have done a great job too! – We also have installed for many schools in the region.



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