Brisbane Commercial Solar Power

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 Brisbane Commercial Solar Power


We sort out the best Brisbane commercial solar power! Australia has in the recent years derived vast benefits by moving more and more towards renewable sources of energy. They have explored all options like Wind energy, Bio Mass, Bio Gas , Hydro electric and are investing in each of these areas. However for a land which gets sunshine throughout the year, harnessing the Solar energy to generate electricity is an excellent solution as an alternate source of energy.

Government in Australia has come up with many rebates and benefits for those switching to solar energy sources to make it attractive for customers.

Brisbane Commercial Solar Systems and surrounds

With the advent of Brisbane Commercial Solar power in , not just residential but commercial facilities are also exploring the move towards installing Solar Systems in their buildings. Since the energy consumption in commercial buildings is much more, and with the year on year increase in electricity rates, it is proving very cost effective to harness the sun’s energy for generating electricity.

Brisbane gets good amount of sunlight throughout the year, so the solar panels can generate a large amount of electricity to offset the electricity bill significantly.

Advantages of going Solar for Brisbane Commercial solar power?

1.     Because it is the best return on investment your business could possibly get!

2.    Since the region is sunny the efficiency of conversion of sunlight into electricity is much higher.

  1. The price of solar systems has come down in Queensland, thus giving an excellent return on investment.
  2. With the increasing prices of electricity, installing solar panels is a great way to reduce the energy bills of commercial facilities.
  3. Since commercial work happens during the day, most of the energy consumption can be taken care of by the solar energy itself.
  4. Government offers buyback for the excess power generated and this can be a channel of generating revenue.

QLD Solar and Lighting – Commercial Services in Queensland

QLD Solar and Lighting was established with the purpose of assisting Solar installations in Queensland and have been a very successful company here. They have many successful case studies of large solar system installations across Queensland in the commercial area.

QLD offers its customers an affordable and a long lasting solution to move towards Solar. They make the customer aware of local tariffs and cost benefit analysis and what it entails to shift to Solar.

While QLD started off in Queensland, now it has extended its footprint to cover other states in Australia and has a strong presence in Brisbane, Sydney, Victoria, Goldcoast and other regions.

Benefits of going with QLD Solar and Lighting for Brisbane Commercial solar power in Queensland

  1. QLD Solar started off in Queensland and is a locally establish company so has an edge over other companies.
  2. They have a strong knowledge base and experience of many brands in Solar and can provide the best solutions for commercial solar system based on the requirements.
  3. They have a skilled team of technicians and electricians who make the transition to Solar easy and seamless
  4. Offer a strong Customer service locally for all complaints.
  5. Have a fast process from quoting to installing of Solar system to facilitate quick results.

to get a free energy audit on your Business in Brisbane, or to consider installing a Brisbane commercial solar power system please give us a call for a free, friendly chat!

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