best solar panels 2023 australia

Best Solar Panels Australia 2023

Best Solar Panels Australia 2023



Hi guys, It’s Alan Kemp here from Queensland Solar and Lighting, I’m gonna be here showing you the BEST Solar panels for Australia 2023. I’m just gonna be here to search for the best solar panels for you. We’re gonna be seeing what kind of stuff you get fed on the internet. Myself, I know about solar panels, so i’m here to help you understand for yourself what’s going on when we click on the internet and open a solar panel site to buy the best one.

We’re trying to find the BEST panels with good prices and reliable brands. I’m here to make sure you don’t get fooled by these sellers with their sales and try to make you get a general idea of what the good solar panels are for Australia and available to buy online. I’m here to make the search easier for you.


  • I talk about all the tricks and things they tell you to overwhelm you with information when you want to buy something you don’t know much about;
  • A good understanding of what the best brands are
  • Which ones are the cheap ones
  • The really good ones
  • I even tell you which ones are available in Australia
  • And I make sure to tell you which ones are very similar despite their price
  • And some very good tips to ensure you make the best choice and not have any regrets after buying a solar panel.


In conclusion, what I do in this video, is see what you guys see when you don’t know anything about solar panels, but you want to buy one, and so you go on the internet and see what they give you. It can be a little tricky to search for something you want to buy, because you want to make a good decision and not waste your money on a bad solar panel, the ones with good prices and are very worth your money.

Some of these websites are very difficult to understand when you don’t know much about solar panels, so that’s why I’m making this video.

In the end I give you good understanding of which ones are basic or premium good panels. I show you all the brands that use the same technology and should cost the same.

And I just go through a bunch of websites and see what you’ll find when you start your search on the internet to inform yourself and learn about solar panels.

Watch until the end for my final thoughts on the best solar panels sold in Australia 2023 and the best recommendations to take AFTER you buy a solar panel.

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