Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

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The Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Dane O’Leary

Advantages of solar pool heating:

Especially in more temperate areas, having a heated pool is a necessity of pool ownership, otherwise you’ll only be able to use it for a few months of the year. It would be like buying a car that could only be driven for part of the year while essentially being garage decor for the rest.

Although some will swim in May or September when the water is less than 70 degrees, many prefer the temperature of swimming water to be 80 degrees or higher, which is why the optimal swimming months tend to be June through August. However, implementing solar heating for your pool will allow you to significantly extend your swimming season while only increasing the cost of the pool by as little as 10 percent. Would you rather buy a base-model car that could only be driven for a fraction of the year, or would you pay a little bit more so that you’d be able to drive the car all year long?

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Whether you already have a pool and are considering adding a solar heating system or are looking into getting a pool for the upcoming summer season, here are some of the benefits that solar pool heating can offer you.

The Most Economical Heating Option

Of all the pool heating systems that you could install — solar, electric, gas, and fuel — solar heating is the most economical choice for several reasons. While the most obvious reason to heat your pool is to extend your swimming season, the biggest reason to choose a solar heating system is due to it being the system that’s most environmentally friendly, sustainable, and renewable. Additionally, solar pool heating is low maintenance and has very little upkeep involved and will have the greatest lifespan to offer in comparison to the life of your swimming pool.

Unlike heating your pool using electricity and fuel, there are no monthly, quarterly, or annual bills such as for propane or for using electricity from the grid. Since solar heating systems run off free energy from the sun, once the system is installed and begins to keep your pool water at an comfortable, enjoyable temperature, there are no additional costs for your pool’s heating. It’s been estimated that the amount you could save by not having to pay for electricity or fuel will allow a solar pool heating system to pay for itself in as little as just a few years; meanwhile, you’ll have a significantly longer swimming season for many, many years to come without any sort of recurring or ongoing heating expenses.

Solar pool heating:

Pool heater

Since solar heating systems have no moving parts, there’s no risk of corrosion and no need to be continuously replacing components of the system so that it continues to function; for this reason, most solar pool heating systems outlast their factory warranties by a significant margin. This also means that solar pool heating systems virtually never need any sort of repairs. Another reason why solar heating is a more economical heating system for pools is because they can heat your pool during weather conditions in which other systems like fuel-based pool heating could not efficiently function.

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