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Battery storage for solar power

                          For excess energy generated – Battery storage for solar power 

Ever heard of Battery storage for solar power? Whether yes or no, here is a brief on the same. On reading further you will realize the advantages for having a battery storage for solar power. Let us begin with the introduction.



It is no longer an unknown fact that we need to install renewable sources of energy like the solar energy. The essence is that it will lead to a sustainable development of the environment. Likewise, governments of several countries are promoting the idea of solar power installation and the process is also catching pace as the months are passing by.

The need for the battery storage for solar power

  1. Most promisingly, these battery storages can help to save money when the energy costs are high. Simply switch to the battery storage instead of using the regular electricity.
  2. The power from the battery storages can be used anytime!
  3. In the battery storage for solar power like the TM5000, there is a facility if an automatic switch over to the storage in situations of blackouts.
  4. Most importantly, the battery storages can place an individual in the total command of the production and consumption of electricity.

The technology of the battery storages is first rate. For instance, with the smart switch feature, the battery storages can be programmed to determine the most appropriate time when the power usage source has to be switched. In essence, it can do a lot to save on the ever growing electricity bills!


The installation procedure

It is not a requirement to have a house which receives plenty amount of sunshine for installing the battery storage for solar power. Whether the house is solar friendly or not, just everyone can install these battery storages.

For the installation process,

  • Firstly, there should be an analysis of the power of the battery storage needed. That would depend on the energy consumption in individual house holds.
  • Next, the best fit battery storage needs to be selected from the various options. A choice from battery storages like the lead acid batteries, gel batteries or the hybrid gel batteries. Each has its own advantages.

Battery storage for solar power – The benefit

It can happen sometimes that the energy generated by the solar panels in our houses, is not utilized completely. This means that the excess solar energy is going back to the grid and a small payment would probably be realized back. Now, just imagine, by having these battery storage for solar power, there is no need to sell back to the grid. Solar power can be conserved during the day and the battery storages can be used to obtain electricity during the night.

The most important function is to help save the solar panel owner from the high cost of pulling in power from the grid. Instead save up the excess electricity and use it for later with these battery storages. Battery storage for solar power is more of a product that pays back well!


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  1. Require quote or battery storage using a Growatt sp2000 Hybrid inverter and a 7 to 10 kilowatt battery storage system.
    Thank you,
    JD, Coombabah. Queensland

    1. Daniel Queensland Solar & Lighting 7 years ago

      Growatt do a 2kw Hybrid inverter? How is it?

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