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Battery Storage for Solar Panel


Battery Storage for Solar Panel

All that you needed to know about Battery Storage for Solar Panel is given right here.

Renewable sources of Energy like Solar Energy are the key to meeting the needs of our energy requirements as well as the sustainability of our environment. The Australian Government is emphasizing on the need for part of the national energy needs be met by renewable sources. Solar Energy is one of the sources of renewable energy available abundantly.

With the Government initiative driving domestic demand for solar panels, users are generating their own sources of energy by installing solar panels on their rooftops. To maintain an energy reserve it is necessary to have a battery storage for solar panel.

Issues with the current setup:
• Surplus power generated goes back to the grid
• Electricity that is generated during non-peak periods is surplus power and cannot be used during peak periods when generations is low
• Surplus power is sold at 8c per Kwh to the Utility provider
• Power drawn from the grid is charged 30c per Kwh by the Utility providers
• During blackouts, supply will be pulled from the grid

How a battery storage for solar panel helps:
1. The battery will store the excess power generated but not utilized by the household
2. This stored energy can be used during non peak hours thereby reducing dependency on the energy utility
3. As the price difference between the power sent to the grid and that consumed from the grid is high, the stored power would assist the homemaker in maintaining an energy budget.
4. Coupled with a smart switch the regulation of power drawn from the grid can be controlled.

Types of battery storage for solar panel that can be used:

1. Gel Batteries – These sealed batteries do not have the danger of releasing gases as they do not have vents and are sealed. Their temperature variation on charging and discharging cycles is fairly consistent and hence their performance is good and can be used indoors.
2. Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries – These batteries separate the electrolyte in the battery by a woven glass mat. They are sealed and also do not release any gases. The discharge charge is slower and they are superior to Gel Batteries. Due to their superior performance are the best solutions for use with a solar panel. These are also maintenance free.

Using a system monitor:

Along with the system monitor it is advisable to use a system monitor which will continuously monitor the health of the battery. All information with regard to the state of charge as well as the amp-hours total for charging and discharging cycles.

Requirement of a Smart Switch:

It is necessary to regulate the amount of power that is given out to the grid and take care of drawing power from the grid during peak timings. Excess generated power after use post consumption by the home owner should be diverted to the battery storage for solar power. Batteries need to be toped up and any power that is surplus can be fed to the grid and generate revenue. During conditions of blackout the switch will draw power from the battery. This will also be true for those situations wherein the owner does not want to draw power from the grid during peak timings.
We see that a battery storage for solar panel installed at your premises can provide potential savings and pay back its cost over a period of time. Also not to mention that obligations towards the environmental are met.
The most important function is to help save the solar panel owner from the high cost of pulling in power from the grid. Since the excess power to the grid does not earn substantial revenue, it assists in storing this power and utilizing in during situations wherein power cannot be generated like night time or during inclement weather.
So a battery storage for solar panel is more of a necessity than a luxury which will pay back over time.

2 Replies to “Battery Storage for Solar Panel”

  1. Kevin Earey 8 years ago

    I have a +6kw system and looking for a ballpark cost for battery storage for peak use as I am not getting much rebate from the grid and most of my use is peak and shoulder

  2. Daniel Queensland Solar & Lighting 8 years ago

    Looking at around the $10K+ mark at the moment Kevin.

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