Australia should go for Alternative Energy Forms

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 Depletion of fossil fuels has always been a concern with nations worldwide. Leaders have been searching for other forms of energy, harnessing which will help them face the threat from future energy crisis.

Alternative energy sources have been found to be a good replacement for traditional energy methods. Many countries, both industrialized and developing, have adapted and have installed systems that help them harness the renewables. While countries are busy molding energy policies to promote the usage and support people, Australia seems to be lagging behind.

The political parties and the Government don’t seem to be interested in promoting solar energy usage. The initial subsidies given on these systems have been withdrawn. Government seems to focus on promoting the usage on fossil fuels saying that future of Australia is safe with fossil fuels. They don’t seem to realize the positives of solar energy. Harnessing alternative energy not only saves your money but also brings in a lot of other advantages.

Solar panels add value to home
Solar panels definitely add value to your home.

Saving Money

Solar panels are available in affordable prices and this price range has been reducing since a long time. More Aussie households have realized this fact and have adopted solar systems for their domestic usage. These systems are popular among lower income groups. Also, cheaper and reliable systems made in China are also available in the market.

Employment Opportunities

Energy crisis can only be faced with the energy produced from alternative energy sources. The sector offers more employment opportunities than that are available in fossil fuels sector. It is reported that many villagers are employed in alternative energy sector. This number is over 20, 000.


The energy produced from renewables like solar is clean. This doesn’t cause any harm to the environment because there is no harmful gas emission while harnessing and storing it. This is not the case with fossil fuels. Pollution-free alternative energy forms can benefit the world in a big way. This seems to be solution for many problems that are to dawn upon the world.

Control over Emissions

As mentioned earlier, the carbon emissions from the fossil fuels pollute the environment. With alternative energy forms, this can be reduced to a great extent. Not only is it cheaper, but also it is the most safe form of energy production and usage. Countries that use solar energy are a proof of the growing popularity of such energy forms.


Latest technology has been used in manufacturing the solar panel systems. Systems have been changed as per various needs like domestic usage, large farms and hot water systems.

Why Australian Government should Support Solar Energy?

The country is blessed with huge landscapes that are helpful to trap solar energy and wind energy. It is easy for a country like Australia to harness these energy forms because of the geography. Energy can be produced for commercial purposes and can be distributed to people for various businesses. As seen till now, solar energy is being used by households as well as small and medium businesses. This would support the people who grapple with skyrocketing electricity prices.

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