Australia confirm their support for a cleaner future

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When it comes to Australian support for renewable energy and its source, all doubts and second thoughts should take a back seat. Although there are some money minting rumours which seek to defame this view, Australia seems to stay unaltered in its perspective to establish a clean and sustainable future.

This has rightly been proved by a recent poll conducted by the Climate Institute which clearly boasts of Aussie support towards renewables. It has deliberately been released to coincide with the announcement of the government’s emission reduction target. The poll has uncovered the Australian enthusiasm to prefer renewable energy like solar and wind energy over conventional fossil fuels.

Each respondent was given eight energy sources as options. It was observed that a majority of them chose cleaner forms of energy over conventional forms. Renewable energy sources made it to the top three positions of the list of preferred powers and their various sources.

Press release report:

John Connor, CEO of the Climate Institute announced the results in a recent press release. Almost 84 percent made solar energy as their favourite choice. Following it was wind energy garnering 69 percent votes. In a tie for least preferred are gas and nuclear power sources with 21 percent and 17 percent support respectively.

The situation is seemingly worse for fossil fuel advocates as 72 percent of respondents highly prefer immediate close down of fossil energy plants and their replacement by cleaner energy sources. People have become amazingly concerned about environment and sustainability issues off lately. Also 65 percent of them have increasingly supported the need to invest in wind energy farms and household solar power.

APS solar panel reviews
Here is the former Director (before he got the sack) standing proudly next to his APS Solar panels, that they were trying to portray as Australian Solar Panels.

The wide margin by which Australians support renewable energy is quite evident. However it is quite surprising to note the way the government is reacting to such an enthusiastic response. Instead of mustering popular support of voters by acknowledging cleaner sources of energy, the government is risking its image by backing conventional fossil fuels.

Carbon emission:

A target of 26 percent has been sent in an anticipated decision this week with the political spin making no difference. This step has proved to further the problem of cutting carbon emissions and nothing more than that. Adding to this is the perpetual defamation of the effectiveness of cleaner energy options by fossil fuel advocates.

The government has broken the barriers of acceptability by such an abnormal behaviour and a considered campaign to destroy renewable energy in the country. All this has emerged as much of a surprise for a government known for its partisan nature.

The survey aptly highlights the fact of these renewable energy policies of the government to be precisely of the electorate. However, all queries relating to support by the Australians have completely vanished. All that the people demand is a federal government which works in tandem with the electorate.

Australians have confirmed their verdict as far as renewables are concerned. They no longer want to support fossil fuels and authorities advocating them.  This calls for an urgent need for the government and the opposition to carefully embed the growing Australian perspectives with long term policies pertaining to better climates in future. This is what Mr. Connor has to say.

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