Air Asia Review

Terrible Service – Air Asia Review

I will Never fly with Air Asia again. Welcome to this Air Asia review. You cannot get worse service than I had experienced with this mob.

Air Asia review

I was looking forward to flying back from Phuket. I had a wonderful time there, but I was also excited to go back to Brisbane and start selling some more solar panels in Queensland. This was until my nightmare in HKT (Phuket Airport) had begun. The incredibly rude and incompetent staff at Air Asia Thailand had quickly soured the mood.

This is what I have sent them 3 times now, and get in return that ‘it was my fault’ – WHAT ARE THEY ON ABOUT – are they not reading this?
The other night when checking in, i had around 35kgs more than my 2x20kg limit.
the girl who handled my ‘check-in’ was ‘new’ and said my extra fees for baggage was around $60. I then went over to the desk to pay the fees. The customer service desk did not understand what the ‘new girl’ wrote and was confused. i then told the ‘new girl’ and she didnt understand what the customer service desk asked. this went on for 15-20 mins.
Finally the two groups worked out what the misunderstanding was. it appeared my bags were $1386.25 over luggage. The customer service team told me I had to empty the bags and make lighter.
They could then not locate the bags and made me pay the full amount or they would not let me on the plane, and i will have to fly on the next plane and pay for the ‘ticket for the next plane’… basically blackmailed me to pay it.
They apologised for the first girls mistake ‘ sorry, this is one of her first shifts.. she is new’
I understand that she made a mistake but having me pay $1386.25 for her mistake is crazy.

air asia excess baggage fees at terminal
Who could possibly give these fools a good review?
All this , and still not even a cup of water on the flight home. Terrible. Click on this, this is real!

Had I been told the cost is not $60 and more like $1386.25, I would have been given the chance to get my bags out of the big bag!

If I could think clearly at the time, looking back, I could have gotten a NICE motel across the road, 10 Thai Ladies for the night, a couple of bottles of Champagne, Beers and Vodka, a Kama Sutra book and flown the next day and still have been $1000 better off! (haha, too bad I was with the wife, but you get the picture)
I EVEN HAD MY LAPTOP BAG IN THE BAG – and was happy with this because I was told it was only $60 by an Air Asia Rep.
The Manager even tried guessing my bags weight as it was not recorded or something… and getting angry at me because i could not tell him the bags weight… how am i supposed to know what my bags weigh?
Please contact and refund me for this Air Asia mistake. This is so sad that I have had to pay $1386 for this. My bag content was not even worth $1386 – If i chose not to pay this, I was told I would have to wait for the next flight and pay for it TOO!
All this because they nice young girl made a mistake and told me my excess was $60, and they couldnt give me my bag to unpack and make lighter.


AIR ASIA REVIEWS – Mostly Poor and Many Complaints

DEADSET, I think I’m going to need counselling over this. Haha, I truly have never been more pissed off or frustrated with a company or any individuals in my life before. Just thinking about what I went through has made my blood boil!

You can see I’m not alone. Many others dislike AirAsia too

Air Asia Review
Things aren’t looking good for these muppets, and unfortunately I have first-hand knowledge and know why. Terrible Air Asia reviews all round.

How could anyone possible write up a good Air Asia review after being treated like this. I will never fly with Air Asia Again.

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