AIKO SOLAR PANELS REVIEW – Worlds Most Efficient Solar Modules

Queensland Solar and Lighting Brings World’s Most Efficient Solar Modules to Brisbane!

Queensland Solar and Lighting is thrilled to announce that we will soon be offering AIKO’s solar modules, the world’s number one in efficiency, right here in Brisbane, Australia! This groundbreaking development comes after AIKO’s solar modules were named the most efficient globally for nine consecutive months, according to the latest rankings by TaiyangNews.

Our CEO shared the excitement, stating, “Bringing AIKO’s top-tier solar modules to Brisbane aligns perfectly with our mission to provide Australians with the most advanced and efficient solar energy solutions. We are proud to partner with a company that leads the way in solar technology innovation.”

AIKO’s solar modules have set a new standard in the industry with their unparalleled 24% conversion efficiency, thanks to their cutting-edge n-type ABC (All Back Contact) technology. This technology not only maximizes efficiency by eliminating grid line shading losses but also offers a sleek, modern look with its full-black design. Moreover, AIKO panels are distinguished by their exceptionally low degradation rate and superior temperature coefficient, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

“We are committed to driving the energy transition towards a carbon-free future, and offering AIKO’s award-winning solar modules is a significant step in that direction,” our CEO added. AIKO’s commitment to innovation and excellence has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Intersolar Award and the Red Dot Product Design Award in 2023.

Queensland Solar and Lighting is excited to bring these high-performance solar modules to homes and businesses across Brisbane and beyond. Our partnership with AIKO enables us to support Australia’s energy transition with the best technology available, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Queensland Solar and Lighting Introduces Groundbreaking AIKO Solar Panels in Brisbane

Queensland Solar and Lighting is excited to bring to the Brisbane market the innovative AIKO Solar panels, marking a significant leap forward in solar energy solutions across Australia. With the anticipated arrival of AIKO Solar in the second quarter of 2024, we are eager to lead this transformative phase, providing Brisbane’s residents and businesses with access to the most efficient solar technology available globally.

Daniel Jarret, CEO of Queensland Solar and Lighting at the Aiko Solar Panels launch

Embarking on a New Solar Efficiency Frontier

Internationally acclaimed for their unmatched efficiency and cutting-edge design, AIKO Solar panels have garnered significant attention. Their achievements, including the prestigious Intersolar Award and the Reddot design award in 2023, underscore AIKO’s leadership in setting new standards for solar module efficiency, achieving an extraordinary 24% efficiency rate. This milestone not only demonstrates AIKO’s dedication to innovation but also makes its panels the preferred option for Australians aiming to optimize their solar energy output.

Tailored Solar Solutions for Brisbane

Queensland Solar and Lighting is delighted to present two premier AIKO models to the Brisbane community:

  • AIKO Neostar 1S (440W): Optimized for subsidy eligibility without necessitating DC-coupled batteries, the Neostar 1S is poised to become the top choice for Brisbane homes. Its superior temperature coefficient of -0.26%/°C guarantees maximum performance in Australia’s warm temperatures.
  • AIKO Neostar 2S (450W): For those seeking to maximize their solar system size, the Neostar 2S offers a slightly higher output while maintaining exceptional efficiency and temperature resilience.

Both models are backed by a robust 25-year product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty, offering Queensland Solar and Lighting customers reliability and assurance for the long term.
These solar panels are very comparable to the Jinko and Trina solar panels that we also sell in Brisbane.

Unmatched Efficiency at an Incredible Value

Beyond their remarkable efficiency, AIKO Solar panels are an excellent investment, offering significant savings. Thanks to competitive pricing and the expertise of Queensland Solar and Lighting’s professional installation team, Brisbane’s homeowners and businesses can anticipate substantial reductions in their energy expenses and environmental footprint.

As an inaugural installer of AIKO Solar in Australia, Queensland Solar and Lighting is dedicated to delivering top-tier solar solutions. Our specialists are thoroughly trained and certified in AIKO Solar panel installations, ensuring each project meets our stringent quality standards.

Step Forward with Brisbane’s Solar Movement

AIKO Solar panels represent a pivotal shift towards a more sustainable and efficient energy future for Brisbane. We encourage homeowners and businesses to discover the advantages of this state-of-the-art solar technology and join us in this sustainable energy transition.

For further details or to arrange a consultation, reach out to Queensland Solar and Lighting today. Together, let’s tap into the sun’s endless energy with AIKO Solar panels.

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