A new sunshine in Blue Mountains, Sydney

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The community at Blue Mountains, west of Sydney is seemingly keen on exploring new horizons of sustainability and environment consciousness during these months. This is in regard to the recent urge to collectively harness solar energy with the upcoming community elections as a precursor. This requires that each and every voter gets this message across so that a significant step can be timely taken to conserve our precious natural resources.

This initiative would not only help people tackle soaring electricity costs but also play a vital role in preserving the natural bounty of Blue Mountains by switching to a more environment-friendly and economical alternative. All of this has been promoted with two major solar organizations coming up actively in the backdrop of the nearing elections in the place.



One of them named BMRenew has been recently launched with great pomp and show, off recently. It was quite a high-end affair, with major dignitaries turning up in attendance with a new-found enthusiasm. These included the former Federal Court Judge, Murray Wilcox. Blue Mountains City Council Mayor, Daniel Myles was also present to extend his support to this noble initiative.

The BMRenew is a volunteer initiative aimed at promoting renewable energy projects spread over an entire community level. Its underlying objective is to compete with successful community solar organisations in other parts of the world and match up to their international standards of environment sustainability.


Solar Citizens:

The Blue Mountains have also witnessed the popular launch of another enthusiastic community organization Solar Citizens, drawn on similar lines of tapping potential solar energy resources for a better tomorrow. It is being carried out all over Australia with a more direct approach than other community solar organisations. The plan is to articulate the growing need for solar energy as a viable alternative to existing exhaustive resources.

The campaign manager at Solar Citizens, Dr.Geoff Evans rightly stated how election periods are used profitably by parties to make long-term policy commitments but very little is actually implemented effectively in the direction of obtaining cheap, clean energy for the goodwill the entire community and its environment. The elections are being viewed as a possible tool to create effective environment awareness as well as make it an important public opinion based on which they would cast their valuable vote. This time may play a crucial role in making the image of a particular political party.

A scenario of solar revolution has evolved in Blue Mountains where this novel viewpoint is being promoted rigorously at various local and regional levels, extending from promotional market spaces to conventional door-knocking promotions. Voters who value the future prospects of solar energy are being gathered in huge numbers.

As pointed out by Dr.Evans, over 900 homes have set up solar panels and hot water tanks on their roofs which indicate the growing awareness of the voters with regard to renewable energy and sustainability. Community organizations like BMRenew and Solar Citizens play a pivotal role in taking a step further towards such a viable venture which is surely going to usher in a new sunshine in the Blue Mountains in near future.

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