5 Golden Rules for putting up a good solar installer

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Installing solar equipments:

With the increasing consciousness of people, there has been an equivalent boom in the manufacture of high quality solar equipments too. One company boasts to be better than the other among hundreds of choices and options and there is tremendous competition amongst the manufacturers and confusion amongst the consumers. It becomes extremely important to catch hold of an honest and reliable solar installer in such a scenario.

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5 most important tips:

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind while comparing the various companies and making decision that you don’t regret afterwards.

  1. Using common sense

This is the often sidelined aspect when it comes to buying a good installer. You should judge offers which appear to be too good to be true very carefully. Big companies often practice popular marketing ploys to garner customer attention. Watch out for some seemingly great attributes which are otherwise impractical like free solar panels, wild performance, etc. These are just high expectations which are associated to lure customers.

  1. Checking technical competency

The sales people of a company are very likely to present in front of you the technical competency of the company. They indicate the level of technical expertise that exists for solving consumer problems if any. There is no use wasting time relying on a company that fails to fix minor or major issues that may arise during the use of the solar installer. It is the sales people with whom the customer grievances are shared and people will prefer a company which can provide more technically sound services.

  1. Analyzing previous Track Record

The track record that any company keeps plays a crucial role in building its image among the customers with regard to the company’s product and services. You are less likely to re-consider a previous company which has troubled you earlier. Rather you would be keen to find a better alternative than the previous one. It is very important that you witness a considerably good consumer experience every time you decide to choose a particular company’s products.

  1. Reading Terms and Conditions carefully

The terms and conditions are also often missed out while buying a solar installer. Companies deliberately manipulate them according to their own conveniences and smartly trick the customers without prior information.  Hence they should be read thoroughly with utmost attention and alertness. It would be quite shocking to know that two of the largest solar companies have a clause stating zero responsibility for the amount of power generated.

  1. Checking for transparency about the brands of solar panels used

Transparency is yet another factor which determines the efficiency of the solar installer to much extent. The solar installer will fail to function properly if there is insufficient information about the solar panels being used. This refers to the exact brands of the solar panels being used.


With all these factors in mind, there are very low chances that you may make a wrong choice when it comes to a solar installer. However it is advisable to invest a little extra money for a properly functioning solar inverter with the least chances of errors.

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